Make Educated Decision When Purchasing The Right Weight, Blend Of Motor Oil


Any mechanic will tell you that failing to change your oil at regular intervals is inexcusable. You can either keep an eye on the sticker the mechanic likely put inside your vehicle at the time of your last change or write the mileage down yourself on a sheet of paper that should be kept inside your car. It’s that simple, but the implications of failing to do so can be catastrophic. That’s because motor oil is what keeps your engine running; not in the sense that gasoline provides the fuel for momentum, but motor oil keeps your engine from overheating due to friction and lubricates critical hidden components. With every mile added to the odometer, the usefulness of your oil is decreased and the need for the next change nears.

That being said, we realize that picking out the appropriate motor oil can be confusing. There are many different weights, temperatures, blends and brands to consider so we are here to shed a little light on the topic. ECP Incorporated has been an industry leader in automotive coating protection products since 1969 and have picked up plenty of lessons along the way. In this article, we’ll explain the basics of motor oil and which one is the best fit for the typical motorist. The higher the number, the greater the viscosity that is set by the Society of Automotive Engineers. On the lower end, the “5” in 5W-30 motor oil is good for temperatures that can dip to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. The “30” is representative of the temperatures that most motor vehicles will encounter; a “50” offers a little bit more protection.

As for whether you should purchase a synthetic motor oil blend or conventional oil, which is derived directly from crude oil, ECP Inc reviews show that the payoff for a higher price is improved performance and less sludge left behind in your engine as the oil breaks down. Your vehicle’s manual will suggest the right weight and blend of motor oil, but it never hurts to know your options!

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