Preventative Maintenance, Personal Responsibility Key To Keeping Your ‘Old’ Car Running

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What defines an “old” car and how can you keep one on the road for as long as possible? To answer the former question, automotive experts say that anything over the 150,000-mile mark is well on its way to “old” status. Reaching this point always requires regular care and sometimes a bit of luck, too. For owners of vehicles who’ve surpassed 150,000 or even 200,000 miles, it may be wise to sit down and plan what work needs to be done to keep your vehicle running for as long as possible. From taking care of the body — which ECP Inc reviews will show is a task best done regularly — to motor maintenance and fluid changes, it’s entirely possible to keep a car on the road beyond 300,00 miles. We hope to show you how with this article.


Belts and Whistles: While major jobs like timing belt or serpentine belt change are infrequent even on newer vehicle, the importance of this task on your older car can’t be understated. That’s because a worn timing belt can slip or snap, throwing the cylinder valves out of order and causing major motor damage that’s inflicted by the pistons. The various tasks that a serpentine belt performs, from the alternator to power steering and the water pump, are all crucial to driving and that means that you’ll be stranded should this one go unexpectedly. Keep tabs on when the job was done last and have these belts changed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.


Skin-Deep Perfections: As ECP Inc reviews will show you, protective coating products aren’t a vanity item. This company, which has been in the automotive sector for more than four decades and has partnerships with dealers across the globe, offers a corrosion protection and sound shield program that’s designed to defend against road salt and ocean spray. Once rust  takes hold, it’s difficult to stop. By opting for this program for new or pre-driven vehicles, you can advertise them as having protection against peeling, chipping and cracking paint plus perforation caused by the elements outside.


A Watchful Eye: Most of all, take time out to learn about your vehicle. Buy a maintenance manual from an auto parts store or off of the Internet and read through the introductory information chapter to understand what common work should be done and at which intervals. If during your research you learn that your particular make and model is susceptible to transmission failures, make sure that you regularly change the fluid. In short, keeping an old car running isn’t difficult if you take time out to read up on ECP Inc reviews, learn about caring for the exterior, interior and the characteristics of what’s under the hood.

Do Auto Detailing Right With These Best Practices Using Top-Shelf Products

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Most everyone raves about that “new car smell,” but what about the new car shine? Few things can catch an eye better than the glossy and glowing appearance of a well-detailed car. However, pulling off such an accomplishment requires a lot more than a bucket of water, soap and a hose. To effectively clean up a car — and protect it from the elements, for that matter — one needs proper training to know how to go about the detailing process so that the end result is something you can be proud of. For auto dealerships with an entire fleet of vehicles under their wing, trusting companies like ECP Incorporated to get you the very best in protective care products is a wise move. By using the wide array of waxes, gels, paints, coats and other applications, you’ll extend the life of the vehicles and make them look a whole lot better almost immediately.

By reading up on ECP Inc reviews, dealers will learn that ECP Plus and Ultimate lines from this company are designed to improve appearance. Through appropriate application, you’ll get your vehicles looking like they did the day they rolled out of the factory. However, aesthetics is just one reason for detailing. With that in mind, ECP Incorporated would like to offer a few tips when it comes to correct detailing practices.

The first step is to always prepare the vehicle for the process. Given that most dealerships are working with brand new or typically newer vehicles, the need to extensively clean may not exist but this is still often the best place to begin. Microfiber cloths will also help with getting rid of grime that’s been building up on the various interior surface. Some automotive experts suggest the use of moisturizing products when wiping down the dashboard or leather seats, for example, as this can defend the surfaces from spills or stains. When it comes to cleaning the exterior with specialized products like the ones offered by ECP Incorporated, tires are often either overlooked or ignored due to the difficulty of cleaning them. ECP Inc reviews show that the best tire dressings are water-based and made from a blend of silicone oils, emulsions and leveling agents. The purpose of this product is to give your tires an eye-catching shine and increase durability. Given that ECP Incorporated’s mission is to preserve value, the point of investing in these top-shelf products is to do detailing right the first time.